Valeria is a coach, writer and speaker.

She is the creator of Emotional Design®, a discipline with which she has been helping people transform their lives for more than seven years and with which 96% said they had achieved their goal and 100% a profound growth as a human being.
She graduated as a lawyer, and for more than twenty years, she trained in different disciplines of well-being and personal development such as Biodescodificacion, Meditation, Reiki, UCDM, and especially Coaching, which she studied in several institutions in the United States.
Passionately dedicated to raising awareness and social contribution, she gives private sessions, courses, conferences. She participates as an activist in various causes in addition to working as a volunteer for twenty years. She is also the creator of “Un Encuentro con Un Curso de Milagros en Español”, a conference that takes place annually in Los Angeles, USA.
She is currently editing his book “The Love of Giving” and preparing for the International Certification of Emotional Design.

“I deeply believe that human beings can make the change we set out to make, but this requires internal and external work. I know this because it was my own very challenging story that led me to understand the human possibility of constantly improving emotional quality to achieve what we want. I am convinced that what makes us human beings happy is the connection and the service, and today I am lucky to be able to share this experience through Emotional Design®.”